Still – March 3 to 24, 2011 Exhibition of Still Life

March 3rd to 24th
Opening March 5th , 2-4pm

Jay Senetchko, Jason de Graaf , Patrick LoCicero

Jacana Contemporary Art Gallery is proud to present the still life series of Jay Senetchko.

Although born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Senetchko has become a prominent figure amongst Vancouver painters. This may be due to his long history of teaching art at Vancouver Film School or his role in artists’ collective Phantoms in the Front Yard. Primarily self taught, Senetchko’s work focusing predominantly in figurative painting can now be found in galleries throughout Canada and the United Kingdom.

Still is a recently completed series of Still Life by Senetchko. Though each object is at first seen as mundane and inanimate, their warm glow and rich textures suggest much more. The subject of each piece stands as a monument symbolizing a moment in the artist’s life.

Paired with the hyperrealist acrylic works of Jason de Graaf and the whimsical collage pieces of Patrick Locicero, Still exhibits the classic Still Life vanitas in contemporary day. Like many of the great Still Life pieces that have come before, this exhibition explores the narrative or meaning within the common object. Considered extensively and deeply enough, Senetchko notes that “…these objects start to ‘speak’ and belie their simplicity. It is the depth of these objects in which their stillness acquires life.”

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