Summer’s going fast – new paintings by PENG LIU - Opening Sept 10th 2-4pm

With his latest offerings, Peng Liu continues his exploration of the ephemeral nature of beauty.
The flower paintings recall his work of last year, the blooms depicting the transitory nature of life’s significant moments, fading almost as quickly as they are noticed, soon to be forgotten. They transition seamlessly into mountains, a deceptively simple backdrop over which shadows pass like life itself.

Ancient Chinese ink painting featured negative space to give the viewer room to imagine. In Liu’s recent works, the starkness of the black and white draws us into a similar sense of contemplation. Mountains suggest permanence and stability, yet our experiences are temporary, passing like layers of translucent color over their heavily textured surface.

This contrast hints at our all too human desire to hold onto what is precious, even though the impression that we can is illusory. As much as we try to savour it, summer passes too quickly. Likewise, we age more quickly than we imagine. We waste time on running around in our technologically driven world, when we should instead be reflecting on the meaning of our lives. Peng’s new work invites us to do just that.


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