Excerpt from interview by Steve Williams for The Lab Magazine.

A.k.a. Dead Man’s Hands, Razor Knuckles, Screamin’ Weaver, C-weed, Corpsie, Whale, Carebear. Caroline Weaver is a chain-smoking dolphin with gold fronts on a bad salvia trip.  Her paintings will tell you the same story.  She was born in the ‘burbs, lives in East Van, but belongs in a zoo, this loud and energetic chick with a trucker’s mouth will leave you laughing ’til you cry. Caroline has been painting up a storm as early as she can remember.

A self-taught artist who’s shown her work all over Canada, she has upcoming shows in Portland, Guadalajara and Monterrey. Things are quickly heating up for Razor Knuckles and her rowdy pack of wild animals.

S—What or who inspires you?

C—Umm… I guess I’ve always had muses and now I’m muse-less. So, I’ve defaulted to using myself (chuckles).  My ex-boyfriends would always ask me, “What’s this about?” I’d say, “Nothing,” although it was totally about them.  They were usually painted as a rat or a dog, but I didn’t mean it in a bad way.

Also, Robert Bateman is huge for me.  I used to go into those cheesy poster and framing shops to see Bateman’s work and was amazed by how he painted fur so well.  Someone once told me my paintings were like Robert Bateman on acid and I felt so victorious.

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