My goal is to make the invisible tangible, even dimensional. The ways in which humans organize their experiences—more specifically, how I organize my experiences into knowledge—is the focus of this work. Sometimes meaning is revealed through events, sometimes meaning is imposed. Capturing shadows documents experience defined in memory from the unique perspective of the person watching.

Bicycle shadows became my primary subject. Over the past six years, this focus has worked into a whole range of abstract compositions. Whole bikes become figurative. In groups, they convey motion and play. Lined up like inventory bikes become utopian. piled up they become an ominous heap.

In the works shown here the same simple elements are offered in a variety of ways.

Book- offers a single wheel cast in dim light from six separate angles. Dissolve is one bike drawn over and over itself until the image breaks down.

To make these drawings I use twenty shades of ink on Mylar focusing on mechanical elements repeated from several angles to create a complex and mysterious whole. Thus, six-foot drawings of shadows of bicycles made from ink pooled, poured and drawn into familiar yet elusive forms also speaks of geological experience. Liquid ink evaporates, leaving rings of a drying lakebed. Multiple inks create unexpected moments of physics where heavy ink pushes light back, bleaching the pool to white. In other instances, puddles flow to low ground creating random wells of darkness, which then shatter when dry. Fine draftsmanship magnifies the tension between control and chance.