Curriculum Vitae

Michael Cutlip’s paintings are intricate collages where a playful world unfolds. Random imagery, colours that reference the 1950’s kitchen and gestural markings are combined with wry visual wit to create a sense of order in disorder.

Cutlip’s work explores process and as the artist has stated, “The process is essential. I work in the moment. In my experience, a planned painting is a failed painting. The painting must be free to wander. The best works are those that seem to simply happen”.

These layered compositions are created with a variety of media and techniques that include found objects, spray paint, acrylic, oil and collage.

Cutlip has exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and widely throughout the United States. Cutlip studied at Foothill College in Los Altos and attended California State University.