Online Poker Tournaments

Online Poker Tournaments: Everything You Need to Know

Online poker tournaments are very popular and people can play them for real money on all big legal online casino sites. Indeed, you can even play the tournaments for free using casino bonus such as the no deposit bonus. Here is everything you need to know about playing poker tournaments.

What Kind of Poker Tournaments There Are?

Unlike the common games that can run indefinitely, a poker tournament commences at a specific time when all players are required to purchase tickets to the event. Note that the tournaments can be played on a single table by a minimum of two players or thousands of players across the world on multiple tables. The competitions start with the same chips for every player. In the tournament of poker, players play until they are eliminated after losing all chips. Note that a set of players, about 10% of those who started, are paid on a descending scale starting from the winner. The following are the top online poker tournaments you should consider. Are you planning to participate in a poker tournament any time soon? Then you are going to want to practice playing against other people as much as possible. Now you can do just that from your home by visiting Don't miss the opportunity to get a welcome bonus from Nordic Casino that will allow you to place wagers for free.
  • Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT)
These are considered the standard tournaments in online poker. You are required to pay a buy-in fee to get a stack of chips. When the chips are finished, you are eliminated as others advance.
  • Sit & Go's (SNG)
These types of tournaments involve only one or two tables and commence when all the seats are occupied. The payment is only paid to the top three players.
  • Shootout Tournaments
These Online Poker competitions combine Sit & Go's and Multi-Table Tournaments to make the gameplay more enjoyable. In the tournament, you play at one table at a time until there is only one person left at each table. Then, the winner moves to the next round until there is an overall winner.
  • Turbo Tournaments
The turbo tournaments of poker closely resemble the Sit & Go's and Multi-Table Tournaments. However, the blind levels in turbo tournament increase rather fast. This means that making fast play as well as prompt decisions is very important. If you only have a very short time to play, this is the tournament to consider.
  • Bounty Tournaments
The Bounty tournaments follow the rules of Multi-Table Tournaments but have a prize for knocking players out. At times, the tournaments might have bounties attached to players such as poker pros and celebrities.

Stages of Poker Tournaments

Poker has three main stages:
  • Early Stage: At the early stage, every player gets an opportunity to play. It is at this stage that players have the most experience and feel more comfortable. They also have a lot of chips in comparison to the blinds. The standard approach for playing at this stage is ABC-tight aggressive poker. The goal is to make it through to the next stage with more chips.
  • Middle Stage: This stage ranges from being deep-stacked at the beginning to short-stacked at the end. Here, the chips are getting valuable and every round edges you closer to elimination. Unlike in the early stage, you cannot sit pretty waiting for the best hands. You have to steal blinds in order to protect your chips. The goal of this stage is staying on the game and getting into the money.
  • Late Stage: At this stage, many players only have a few chips. Players are willing to play because they no longer worry of getting bust. You have to play aggressively and make few or no mistakes to become the winner.
Online Tournaments with Biggest Money Prizes If you want to win big in poker tournaments, one secret is picking those with big prizes. Here is a list of eight biggest tournaments:

1) The PokerStars Sunday Million

2) Sunday Majors for US Players

3) Monthly "Whale" Tournament 888 Poker

4) Party Poker Quarterly Million

5) Full Tilt Poker $250k Guaranteed

6) Orleans Summer Poker Series

7) World Series of Poker Europe Main Event

  • Wynn Summer Classic

WCOOP - World Championship of Online Poker

WCOOP provides soccer players with an opportunity to play against others and become recognized champions. The good thing about this championship is that you do not require an agent or sponsor to hit the top of online poker. You only need the right set of skills and some luck to participate. From 2nd to 8th September, WCOOP has 60 events with amazing $70 million in prizes to be worn. You can book entries with as low as $2.20. Besides, you can win entries with Spin & Go tournaments.

The Final Take

If you want to take the thrill of playing poker to the next level, one of the top options is poker tournaments in online casinos. They have impressive gameplay from the early to late stage and attract a lot of players. Besides, you also have a chance to win a lot of cash.