Fine Art Sales

Mt Tiedmann, oil painting by David PirrieThe ever evolving collection of work at Jacana Gallery offers a  distinctive range of contemporary art and photography for the astute collector. Whether developing a corporate image, starting a private collection, or catering to clients’ needs through interior design, Jacana’s artists provide the means to elevate any space to a new level.

  • One of a kind creations: People can find at our gallery some exclusive and unique pieces of art that add extra spice of uniqueness to every space.
  • Collaborations with high-class artists: This gallery has made lots of collaborations with up-rising talents from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to promote their work and help them make more connections.
  • Plenty of different styles: From classic realism paintings to modern and artistic contemporary pieces of art, every artist from Jacana gallery offers a different style and concept. This attracts visitors with different styles and tastes.

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